Increase Conversions in 2014
With a Mobile-Optimized Site

No Commitment. No Contract.

  • 1. Choose Your Mobile Site Build

    Please choose a mobile site build.
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    • Full Catalog & Checkout
    • Tracking via Yahoo Web Analytics
    • Dashboard control of banner images
    • +$300 for PayPal Checkout Option

      Paypal must already be implemented on main site

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    • Multi-images, multi media
    • Multi-functional header
    • Multi-touch
    • Ratings & reviews
    • QR code generator, for your printed material
    • Options for Paypal, My Account

    2. Choose Your Mobile Site Operation (Free Until 2014!)

    Please choose a mobile site operation.
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    • Available only to Yahoo Standard Stores
    • Automated operations; 24x7; 99.9% uptime
    • Up to 50K monthly mobile pageviews
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    • Required for Yahoo Professional & Legacy Merchants
    • Up to 150K monthly mobile pageviews
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Mobile Site Design / Build Options

Unbound offers two alternative for building your mobile-optimized site: Basic and Premium.


Even with our Basic site, merchants deliver a complete mobile experience, with basic.

  • Mobile Product Catalog – displaying all the products available in your current store at Yahoo, automatically synched, daily and on-demand.
  • Mobile Shopping Cart & Checkout – using your current e-commerce business methods (eg, payment, shipping, tax), receiving orders as you do today. Paypal is not supported under the Basic Option.
  • Mobile Formatted – supporting all web-capable phones, including new ones as they are released.
  • Reports – track your visitor & order volumes to assist you in monitoring your mobile site.
  • Easy Updating – keep your mobile site fresh with new banner images and promoted products.
  • Your Look & Feel - logo, colors, fonts, graphics, banner images.


Make your site leading edge with the additional features offered under our Premium option

  • Multi-images, multi-media – alternate product images, rotating banners images, video support
  • Multi-functional header – incorporate Menu, Cart, Search, and/or Call into your header for a sleek, functional design
  • Multi-touch – add swipe-able product scroller and banner images along with tap-to-enlarge product images
  • Ratings & reviews – include star ratings and customer reviews. Support for Power Reviews, Solid Cactus and TurnTo.
  • Google Analytics
  • Social icons – Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus
  • Store locator – use mobile to help drive customers to your store, with a location-aware store finder
  • QR code generator – for your printed material
  • Mobile landing page generator – make sure your marketing campaigns are mobile-optimized
  • Optional Add-Ons
    • PayPal
    • My Account
    • Search engine integration – support for Nextopia, SLI, Celebros & Endeca
    • Order tracking

Mobile Site Operations

After Unbound builds your site, we operate it on our industry-leading Mobile Presence® platform, tied into your Yahoo Merchant Service. We offer two service levels, Silver and Gold, with both offering automated operations, 24x7 service and 99.9% uptime.

Silver Instance

  • Per our contract with Yahoo, Silver is available only to Yahoo Standard Stores. (Starter Store? Yahoo’s authorization & activation are required.)
  • Up to 50K monthly mobile page views ∗

Gold Instance

  • Required for Yahoo Professional & Legacy Merchants
  • Assigned Unbound Support contact
  • Up to 150K monthly mobile page views ∗
  • Supports PayPal, My Account, Search Engine Integration, Order Tracking
Additional Pageviews: $50/50K for Silver and $50/100K for Gold.
All products and services are wholly owned and provided by Unbound Commerce. See our Privacy Policy and terms of service.